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DPHS Students,

The Department of Public Health Sciences is excited to announce that we are launching a Canes Student Ambassador Program! The program is for current students who are interested in becoming leaders, not only in the Canes community, but specifically for the Department of Public Health Sciences.

DPHS Canes Student Ambassadors will interact with prospective and incoming students through the following:

- Campus Tours
- Recruitment Events
- Student Engagement Events
- Mentoring International Students
To apply, please click here.

What is a DPHS Canes Student Ambassador?

- A DPHS Canes Student Ambassador promotes DPHS to prospective students and assists incoming students adjust to a graduate program.
- A DPHS Canes Student Ambassador is a great resource who answers questions about DPHS through one-on-one discussions/interactions.
- A DPHS Canes Student Ambassador develops activities in order to create a bond and relationship with the incoming student they are matched with.
- A DPHS Canes Student Ambassador helps guide incoming students throughout the semester by sharing their personal experiences.

What are the benefits of being a DPHS Canes Student Ambassador?

- Develop cross-cultural communication skills
- Gain experience working with students from different backgrounds
- Acquire knowledge on cultural adjustment, communication styles, and personal leadership
- Be featured on the DPHS website as an Ambassador
- Represent the department and be highly influential to the incoming class
- Great professional experience and resume booster
- Strengthen public speaking, presentation, and teamwork skills
- Receive UM/department swag (free goodies)
- Serves as an opportunity to meet new people and network - Have fun getting to know people from around the world!

What do we look for in a DPHS Canes Student Ambassador?

- Someone who is responsible and takes the initiative to help others
- A role model to their fellow peers
- A student who is energetic and shows pride in UM and the academic discipline of Public Health
- One who has a positive attitude and is helpful inside and outside of the classroom
- MUST have a minimum GPA of a 3.0

Responsibilities as a DPHS Canes Student Ambassador:

- Attend Canes Ambassador training on Wednesday, August 7 from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
- Participate in DPHS Fall 2019 New Student Orientation on Thursday, August 15
- Attend periodic meetings with Graduate Programs team
- Assist with local admissions/recruitment events and campus tours
- Take the initiative to reach out and connect to the incoming student you areed with
- Develop creative ways to interact with your student mentee
- Be positive and have fun!


DPHS Canes Ambassadors Program