MD/MPH Program

Our Medical Doctor and Master of Public Health (MD/MPH) dual-degree program is one of only a few in the United States that offers the unique opportunity to obtain both the medical and public health degrees in just four years. The program is designed to provide graduates with the clinical and research skills required to approach health problems from a population and prevention perspective by integrating the roles of the biological sciences and clinical practice into the broader sets of knowledge and practices used in public health. We will graduate physicians who are provided the academic knowledge and skills, as well as the clinical experience to improve the health of all populations, especially those most vulnerable and underserved.

In addition to providing an outstanding foundation in the sciences basic to the practice of medicine and the pathophysiology of disease, Phase 1 of the NextGen curriculum will emphasize building a foundation and a community perspective in the principles of public health. During Phase 2, students move to the Regional Medical Campus in Palm Beach County where the emphasis is on applying those principles to the clinical practice of public health while working in community teaching hospitals and public health department clinics and programs. Phase 3 allows students in their final years of school to complete their dual-degree requirements back at the Miami Campus.

The MPH coursework has been incorporated to the MD degree added without the need to replace any existing courses in the MD curriculum. This is accomplished by:

  • Beginning MPH studies the summer before starting medical school;
  • Completing longitudinal MPH coursework throughout Phase 1 of the curriculum;
  • Using two 6-week blocks during Phase 3 to complete MPH courses after taking the USMLE Step examinations;
  • Transferring nine credits of MD coursework to fulfill the 45-credits required for the MPH degree.
  • Average Program Duration:  4 years
  • Number of required credits:  211 total (36 MPH and 170.5 MD credits)

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MD Curriculum

The total requirements for the MD portion of the MD/MPH joint degree are 170.5 credits. The credits must be completed to complete the core, internships, and electives requirements.

For more information regarding the MD curriculum, please visit the NextGenMD curriculum page located on the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine's website here.

MPH Curriculum

The total requirements for the MPH portion of the MD/MPH joint degree are 36 credits. The credits must be completed to complete the core requirements.

For curriculum information and course descriptions, please click on the right.

Reminder: Prospective students must apply to the MD/MPH program through the AMCAS system.