Capstone & Thesis

Capstone Program at a Glance

The Capstone Field Experience (EPH 680) and the Capstone Project (EPH 681) are both vital components of the MPH program and together form the Capstone Program. The Capstone Field Experience is designed to provide students with experience in health-related settings (local, national, and international) to work on projects of mutual interest to both the organization and the student. The Capstone Project is intended to build upon this fieldwork and provide the student with an opportunity to apply public health academic theory and acquired skills to community health problems. Students are encouraged to build their Capstone Program in such a way that supports their academic and professional interests as they advance in their careers as public health professionals.

Contact a Capstone Manager for more information or to schedule an appointment:

Megan Garber

Megan Garber

Associate Director,
Career and Professional Development
Derek Williams

Derek Williams

Program Coordinator,
MD/MPH Capstone and Awards