Alumni Profile

Randall Pierrot

Randall Pierrot

Program: MPH
Graduation Year: 20168
Continuing Education
Program: Professional Medical (MD, DO, DDS, OD, etc.) MD/DO
Institution: University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

What motivated you to study public health?

I was motivated by public health's focus on addressing the disparities that many minority populations and communities face.

Why did you choose the University of Miami for your public health degree?

When compared to other institutions, I felt that the University of Miami's location provided the most opportunities to serve not only African American communities, but a variety of immigrant and minority populations as well.

How did your master's degree prepare you for medical school?

Aside from the opportunity to strengthen my study skills, the MPH program provided me with a deeper understanding of the structure of the US healthcare system and the way multiple parties interact to facilitate the delivery of care.

How do you plan to incorporate your public health training into your career?

Understanding how different populations navigate the healthcare field can drastically improve health outcomes. I plan to use this larger understanding of healthcare to treat disease not only on an individual scale, but with whole communities in mind.

What are your long-term career plans/goals?

I would love to establish clinics that focus on improving the health of Haitian communities while providing individuals the tools to adopt a more hands on approach to healthcare.

What advice do you have for master's students planning to attend medical school?

Exhaust all of the resources that the department provides to students, and work to make connections. Because many of the faculty hold positions both in the department of public health and the school of Medicine, they are well equipped to provide you with strong advice on topics such as transitioning to medical school and research within the medical field.