Alumni Profile

Sylvia Xistris

Sylvia Xistris

Program: MPH
Graduation Year: 2018
Job Title: Director of Operations
Employer: Hubspring Health

What motivated you to study public health?

Global health has been a passion since college. After completing a genetic research position, I decided it was a good time to start an MPH.

Why did you choose the University of Miami for your public health degree?

The flexibility in the program and opportunity of studying in an international city with strong global connections.

Describe your career path:

After graduation, I was hired as a project manager at The Hub, a small Healthcare IT startup based in Miami. As we expanded at the University of Miami, I was promoted to director of operations and now manage day to day operations of the company.

How did you obtain your current position?

Through a startup job platform called AngelList.

How did your master's degree prepare you for your current position?

It gave me a solid understanding of the health system we live and work in so that I can better address and solve problems we face at The Hub.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Being able to solve key health issues everyday- from communications breakdowns to improving access to care. We have a very dynamic work environment, you never know what can happen!

What are your long-term career plans/goals?

To grow and scale The Hub- we are beta testing a new product now that will be an exciting new start in chronic disease prevention. I hope to take this experience and launch my own company in the healthcare space someday in the future.

What advice do you have for someone interested in your career path?

Be open minded - you never know what a small opportunity could turn into.