Registration dates for each semester are available in the Academic Calendar. Registration for Spring 2019 will be open on November 5, 2018. Students are required to meet with their Academic Advisor to review the course catalogue and discuss class selections prior to registering in Canelink. An Academic Advising hold is placed on students account each semester and will be released upon completion of advising. To self-enroll each semester, you must log into Canelink to select your courses. Click here to access Canelink tip sheets and tutorials on how to register in Canelink.

Enrollment Tips:

Familiarize yourself with your degree requirements. Click on the link below for more information on the degree requirements.

Master's Program

MPH - 45 credits
MSPH - 45 credits
MS in Biostatistics - 33 credits

Joint Degree

MPH/MPA - 66 credits - 36 MPH and 30 MPA credits
MPH/MAIA - 60 credits - 30 MAIA and 30 MPH credits
MD/MPH - 211 credits -36 MPH and 175 MD credits

Full time enrollment is 9 or more credits or 800 level courses. For more information regarding the Full Time/Half Time Policy please click here.

For a listing of each semester's course schedule click here.

Review the course catalogue for the description and pre-requisite information.

After registration closes, you can change your schedule again during the drop and add period. The last day for registration and to add a course is January 23, 2019. The last day to drop without a “W” is January 30, 2019. Dropping a class after this period will result in a “W” (withdrawal) on your transcript. Pay keen attention to these dates. Failure to comply will result in a decrease in tuition refund. Click here to access the Tuition Refund Schedule.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Carlen Duncombe, MPA

Senior Manager, Programs